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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Selecting a "beauty queen"

Beauty pageants are usually multi-tiered, through local competitions feeding into the bigger competitions. The worldwide pageants, thus, need hundreds, sometimes thousands, of local competitions. In the United States, there is currently a commercial beauty pageant industry that organizes thousands of local events for all ages for profit supported by magazines like The Crown Magazine and Pride of Pageantry, the online, the Pageant News Bureau (, and The Crown Magazine, and a crowd of retailers of all from tiaras to cosmetic surgery.

Beauty Queens are selected on many criteria. Every individual pageant will provide to future delegates its exacting methods of competition and scoring. For example, The universal Pageant has a sole scoring method wherein delegates have the possible of earning a score of 110%. The breakdown is 25% evening wear (may be pants or gown), 25% physical wear, 50% personal interview, and an optional 10% for a getting portfolio. Diamond Dolls is a pictorial only competition which provides 100% of the score based leading submission of required photos.

There are other pageants who take a completely different approach on the whole. Mostly in reference to on-line photogenic pageants, there are competitions in which a winner is selected on a monthly or even weekly basis. There are persons who will take each of these as a "preliminary winner" with the aim upon a "final" competition at some later date. Others delight each of these as a "final" winner and give a title.

In spite of the method of competition, break down of scores or frequency of selection; all are defined as "activity in the form of a beauty pageant." It is up to the person to determine which is best suitable for competition or of particular entertainment interest.

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Thursday, October 25, 2007


A Trailer is normally an unpowered vehicle pulled by a powered vehicle, because powered trailers are more explicitly called potrailers. Commonly, the term trailer refers to such vehicles used for transport of goods and materials.

Trailer winches are intended to load (or unload) boats and other cargo to and from a trailer. The are invented a ratchet mechanism and cable. The handle on the ratchet mechanism is twisted to tighten or loosen the tension on the winch cable. There are both manual and motorized trailer winches

Popup campers are trivial, aerodynamic trailers that can be towed by a small car, such as the BMW Air Camper and the Coleman Bayside. They are built to be shorter than the tow vehicle, minimizing drag.

Others range from two-axle campers that can be pulled by most mid-sized pickups to trailers that are as long as the host country's law allows for drivers without individual permits. Larger campers tend to be fully integrated leisure vehicles, which often are used to tow single-axle dolly trailers to allow the driver to bring small cars on their travels.

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Monday, October 22, 2007


Ocean covers almost three quarters of the surface of the Earth, and nearly half of the world's marine waters are over 3000 m deep.

This global, consistent body of salt water, called the World Ocean, is divided by the continents and archipelagos into the following four bodies, from the largest to the smallest: the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, and the Arctic Ocean, and, according to some authorities such as International Hydrographic Organization, a fifth ocean, the Southern Ocean.

Some geographers and some governments but not the US, recognizes the IHO as defining official water body names and boundaries. The IHO officially sanctioned the Southern Ocean name only in 2000, but its definition by a line of latitude has left its acceptance as a fifth ocean open to question. The National Geographic Society and some other leading geographers and cartographers continue to use "South Pacific", "South Atlantic", and "Indian" Ocean for the waters around Antarctica. A few Oceanographers recognize only four oceans also, treating the Arctic Ocean as a part of the Atlantic Ocean.

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Friday, October 19, 2007


Music is an art structure that involves organized sounds and silence. It is expressed in terms of and the value of sound

Music may also involve generative forms in time through the creation of patterns and combinations of normal stimulus sound. Music may be used for artistic, expansive, entertainment, traditional purposes.

In the Romantic period, music became more expressive and touching, increasing to encompass literature, and philosophy. Later Romantic composers created multifaceted and frequently much longer musical works. The 20th Century saw a revolution in music listening as the broadcasting gained popularity worldwide and new media and technologies were developed to record, capture, reproduce and distribute music. 20th Century music brought a new liberty and wide testing with new musical styles and forms that challenged the accepted rules of music of earlier periods.
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Sunday, October 14, 2007


Value added tax (VAT), or goods and services tax (GST), is tax on exchanges. It is levied on the added value that results from each exchange. It differs from a sales tax because a sales tax is levied on the total value of the exchange. For this reason, a VAT is neutral with respect to the number of passages that there are between the producer and the final consumer. A VAT is an indirect tax, in that the tax is collected from someone other than the person who actually bears the cost of the tax (namely the seller rather than the consumer). To avoid double taxation on final consumption, exports (which by definition, are consumed abroad) are usually not subject to VAT and VAT charged under such circumstances is usually refundable.

The VAT was invented by a French economist in 1954. Maurice Lauré, joint director of the French tax authority, the Direction générale des impôts, as taxe sur la valeur ajoutée (TVA in French) was first to introduce VAT with effect from 10 April 1954 for large businesses, and extended over time to all business sectors. In France, it is the most important source of state finance, accounting for approximately 45% of state revenues

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A Long Ways

When it comes to equal opportunity between men and women in particular dealing with athletics, there come contrasting viewpoints as to how this parity should be obtained. The text of Title IX clearly states that no human being in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be disqualified from sharing in, be without the remuneration of, or be subjected to favoritism under any education program or activity getting Federal financial assistance. This text of title IX forbids any means of inequity on the basis of sex to any individual in all federally assisted education programs. Title IX has been a great achievement for the U.S. in the effort towards parity for women.

Since Title IX became law back in 1972, remarkable changes have been made to level the playing fields of this nation’s schools and to change the observation of the place of girls and women on them. Not only are more women participating in sports, they are participating in sports that were traditionally not engaged by women--such as lacrosse, wrestling, soccer, rugby and ice hockey.

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