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Monday, November 27, 2006

Single-seater racing

Single-seater racing is perhaps the most well-known form of motorsport outside of North America, with cars designed specifically for high-speed racing. The wheels are not covered, and the cars often have aerofoil wings front and rear to produce downforce and enhance adhesion to the track.
Single-seater races are held on specially designed closed circuits or street circuits closed for the event. Many single-seater races in North America are held on "oval" circuits and the Indy Racing League races mostly on ovals.The best-known variety of single-seater racing, except in North America, is the Formula One World Championship, which involves an annual championship of around 18 races a year featuring major international car and engine manufacturers such as Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz , BMW , Toyota, Honda, and Renault in an ongoing battle of technology and driver skill. Formula One is, by any measure, the most expensive sport in the world, with some teams spending in excess of 300 million US dollars per year. Formula One is widely considered to be the pinnacle of motorsports. In North America, the cars used in the National Championship have traditionally been similar to F1 cars but with more restrictions on technology aimed at helping to control costs.
Other single-seater racing series are the A1 Grand Prix , GP2 , Formula Nippon, Formula Renault 3.5, Formula Three and Formula Atlantic.There are other categories of single-seater racing, including kart racing, which employs a small, low-cost machine on small tracks. Many of today's top drivers started their careers in karts. Formula Ford represents a popular first open-wheel category for up-and-coming drivers stepping up from karts.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The dabbling ducks

The dabbling ducks are a group of eight genera and about 55 species of ducks, including some of the most familiar Northern Hemisphere species. They are in the duck, goose and swan family Anatidae. The latter article should be referred to for an overview of this very large family. The dabbling ducks, together with the diving ducks make up the sub-family Anatinae.
This group of ducks is so named because its members feed mainly on vegetable matter by upending on the water surface, or grazing, and only rarely dive. These are mostly gregarious ducks of freshwater or estuaries. These birds are strong fliers and northern species are highly migratory. Compared to other types of duck, their legs are placed more towards the centre of their bodies. They walk well on land, and some species feed terrestrially.
The Marbled Duck Marmaronetta angustirostris, which used to be included among the dabbling ducks, is now classed as a diving duck.

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Friday, November 10, 2006


Bahrain, officially the Kingdom of Bahrain , is a borderless island nation in the Persian Gulf . Saudi Arabia lies to the west and is connected to Bahrain by the King Fahd Causeway , and Qatar is to the south across thePersian Gulf. The Qatar–Bahrain Friendship Bridge, currently being planned, will link Bahrain to Qatar as the longest fixed link in the worldBahrain is the smallest, in terms of population, Arab nation in the world, and the smallest Arab member of the United Nations. It is also the least populous country in mainland Asia .

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Means of production

Means of production , also called means of labour are the materials, tools and other instruments used by workers to make products. This includes: machines, tools materials, plant and equipment, land, raw materials, money, power generation, and so on: anything necessary for labor to produce. The term originates with Marx, who explicitly differentiates means of production from capital. For Marx, means of production were the instruments and materials of labor independent of the mode of producing and appropriating surplus. On the other hand means of production become capital, only within a particular set of social relations: when those means of production participate in the process of exploiting labor for surplus value.
Means of production is sometimes confused with factors of production. The term factors of production is typically understood as an explanation for income as duly paid to owners of each means of production and also to the workers themselves within capitalism. By comparison, the term means of production applies to these means independent of their ownership and their compensation, and regardless of whether the mode of producing is capitalist, feudal, slave, communal or otherwise.

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