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Friday, April 27, 2007

Remote sensing

In the broadest sense, remote sensing is the extent or acquisition of information of an object or phenomenon, by a recording device that is not in physical or intimate contact with the object. In practice, remote sensing is the operation at a distance (as from aircraft, spacecraft, satellite, or ship) of any device for gathering information about the environment. Thus an aircraft taking photographs, Earth examination and weather satellites, monitoring of a pregnancy via ultrasound, and space probes are all examples of remote sensing. In modern usage, the term usually refers to techniques involving the use of instruments aboard aircraft and spacecraft, and is distinct from other imaging-related fields such as medical imaging or photogrammetry.

With remote sensing we can study unsafe or difficult to reach regions. A hazardous area might be a wildfire site, or a hurricane. Using remote sensing we can better understand water patterns of the whole Amazon region. We can take measurements from polar regions and oceans' depths. Taking measurements remotely also ensures that we won't disturb the object being studied.

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